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The Aviation Collection

Print-on-demand Unisex, t-shirts, organic t-shirts, Hoodies, MugsCanvas & Aluminum Prints, Flexi & Tough Mobile Cases

Our 3d Printed and Painted Miniature Collection

A unique and growing collection of 3d printed and painted miniatures that you can find for sale only here.

Dragon Ball King Kai Planet animation low poly

The package consists of a full 360 degree animated model

of the famous King Kai’s Planet, which is orbiting in a set of animated nebulas .

Cyclone Mk1 Seeker Missile Pack animation and 3d printing

The Cyclone Mk1 Missile 3D model pack

contains 6 different versions of the Cyclone MK1 missile

for all your 3D and 3D printing needs.

Neo Victoria - Sic-fi City Kitbash set

12 Skyscraper buildings, 1 extra Modular skyscraper,
10 Small background buildings. All are low-poly.

All buildings have 1 baked texture and from 1 up to a maximum of 4 holographic shader materials. 

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Figure Painting or Restortions Commissions, Social Media Video Creations, Peersonalised Unique t-shirt design, 3d Design Commission.

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