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by Ronin074


Since I saw the first plastic Space Marines back in September of 1987,ย  I was hooked to Warhammer 40k known as Rouge Trader in thos First Edition days.ย  From that day onwards there was no coming back and I kept on painting all kinds of miniatures and figures tills today.ย  Enjoy these galleries and feel free to comment. laughing

35+ Years later and I still proudly own some of the rarest miniature of those day.ย  Miniatures such as Mordax the Imperial Dragon and the first plastic Space Marines from Rouge Trader the real first Warhammer 40k.ย  My abilities have improved along the years and seen here are some of the best I painted so far.

Portfolio - t-shirt by ronin074 @ dressart3d.com

ABOUT โ€“ 35+ years of experience as a miniature model painter and designer, experiences in arts such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, traditionally and Computer Generated media. I am available for COMMISSION. I love Creation and its process. I am not interested in following trends for sales. I work on what inspires me and what I can achieve. If my inspirations sell, I am happier because I know they are appreciated. If you wish to follow my artistic journey, I am more than happy to have you along.

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