Flesh Tearer Sergeant


by Ronin074

This Sergeant was to be part of a large detachment commissioned to me by a client but due to unforeseen circumstance an although he liked the work very much the client was kind enough to inform me that he could not pay for the rest of the detachment. It was so that the sergeant remained on his own and for sale. According to the client wishes the miniature had to have a lot of battle damage and a lot of carnage on the base. Typical of the Flash Tearers, as you can see I complied with the client’s wishes.


Sold US.

Series: Warhammer 40k.


Miniature No. of Parts: 16

Produced by: Games Workshop

Finished: 26/02/2014

ABOUT – 35+ years of experience as a miniature model painter and designer, experiences in arts such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, traditionally and Computer Generated media. I am available for COMMISSION. I love Creation and its process. I am not interested in following trends for sales. I work on what inspires me and what I can achieve. If my inspirations sell, I am happier because I know they are appreciated. If you wish to follow my artistic journey, I am more than happy to have you along.

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