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Own a piece of art at dressart3d.com! Bid on rare and unique miniatures in our auctions, where every bid gives you a fair chance to add a special piece to your collection. Keep an eye out for exceptionally rare, unique, and hard-to-produce miniatures that we put up for auction from time to time. Don’t miss out – check back regularly to snag your own one-of-a-kind treasure!

Tomb of Aragorn 001 Marble White @ Dressart3d.com Portfolio

Available Auctions as per 1/07/2024

  1. Tomb of Aragorn -White Marbel -Ends 31/07/2024
  2. Tomb of Aragorn – Grey Marble – Ends 31/7/2024
  3. Tomb of Aragorn – Beige marble – Ends 31/7/2024

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Welcome to our auctions page, where you can find one-of-a-kind miniatures, figures or models available for bidding. Each piece is a rare find, meticulously crafted and painted, offering collectors a fair chance to own these unique models. Our auctions ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase these exclusive items.


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