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Scroll Down and explore, our eco-friendly unisex organic t-shirts in a spectrum of colors and sizes. Embrace style while caring for the environment.

Excellent and durable print and materials but at an affordable price.

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Adding to the Tarot Knight Series.

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Let Aki, show you the quality of our classic unisex t-shirts.

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Unisex Organic t-shirts Category

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I have tested both the print quality and fabric materia myself before offering them to you.

Samples were used as jogging t-shirts every day in the hot summer weather.  Beside sweat these t-shirts went day in day out in my washing machine and after 6 moths retain a very good fabric and print quality.  

Let Aki, proof and explain to how how I tested these t-shirt qulaity.  Check the video on your right.

My plans are update with one new design every week.

If you want to add new cool and stylish t-shirts and other items to you collections www.dressart3d.com is the perfect place to visit regularly.

In response to my concern and care for the environment.

I’ve introduced this eco-friendly collection of merchandise, particularly organic t-shirts. Each product description provides comprehensive details about the materials used. Despite the higher cost, I encourage everyone who can, to explore the organic t-shirt section, featuring all my designs but committed to sustainability. Thank you

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