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13 June 2024

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92+ Designs 9 categories

At dressart3d  we caters for everyone’s pocket but without sacrificing on the print and merchandise quality of any of its items.



3d Downloadable Models

Browse through a selection of 3d Models and animations, designed by Ronin074 and created with Blender 3d. All of which can be bought as digital downloadable content here at dressart3d.



3D Printed & painted Miniatures / Models

At dressart3d you can find two types of physical miniatures / models to buy.  Stocks are limited due to limited production capicity.


Below you can find various types of commissions  offered by Ronin074 here at dressart3d. Details can be found in the relevant comission pages. Timings depend on a first come first served basis. Software used Blender 3d, Davanci Resolve, CapCut. All brands of ministures painted but mostly Warhammer 40k.


News 01: As from 01/05/2023 DressArt3d.com is under construction. News 02: 21/01/2024 We are almost there, Alpha Testing starting soon.

I am pleased to let my personal virtual assistant, AKI, give you a short introduction on what DressArt3D.com is.  Enjoy!

Latest House Miniatures

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The Planetar - Devine Justice

Must have angelic character for you RPGs

Hand Panited & Clear Coated

Ready for action.

Grick - Worm Troubles

Cool monsters for you RPGs

Hand Panited & Clear Coated

Buy single or pack of 2

Grell - Killer Brain

Cool monsters for you RPGs

Hand Panited & Clear Coated

Buy single or pack of 3

Eldari Striking Scorpion Wraithlord

Warhammer 40k – Custom Miniature

Hand Panited & Clear Coated

3d printed custom parts

Want to have a quick look at all our 92+ Designs at once?

Our online store offers a stunning collection of 92+ designs in 9 categories.

Looking for the perfect gift or adding to your t-shirt or merch collection.

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miniatures garage kit figures and models designed 3d printed and painted at dressar3d.com


Check my 35+ years of art, sold all around the world.

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For Sale #Azog the Defiler - 18cm Bust - The Hobbit Hand and airbrush Pro Paint Job.
https://ko-fi.com/ronin074 #thehobbit
#LordOfTheRings #3dprinted #3dprinter #Collectibles #miniaturepainting #miniature

Plastic recycling tassel.A set of handmade tassel for your colorful accessories and sweet home decor.Made from recycle plastic and embrodery http://thread.Buy on etsy:https://maniswasteandcraft.etsy.com
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Check out Buddha Art Sculpture Face Wood Mask Hand Carved Wall Hanging Decoration 9 in https://www.ebay.com/itm/276362787901?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=FwbBiPZDTRy&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=FwbBiPZDTRy&widget_ver=artemis&media=TW #eBay via @eBay

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Here are my latest works

A small selection of my latest works for Sale, -divided by their categories- here at dressart3d.com.

Latest t-shirt & merch desing

From my Tarot Knights series Knight of Cups and Swords – Available in all 9 categories of t-shirts and merch.


Latest 3d Prints

The Planatar – Available for sale both as 8k 3d Resin Print and Pro-Painted miniature of 7cm height. Created in Blender 3d,


Latest Painted Min

Iskandar Star Seeker – Unique Custom built Aeldari Striking Scorpion Exarch Wraithlord.

– 1 in Stock

Armed with, custom-made 3D 8K Resin Printed Executioner Relic Chainsword, Scorpion Claw Power Glove, Sensory tail, and Killed Killa Kan with escaping Gretchin pilot Gold GoGa, base
The model also includes a Custom Pose.
Custom Mandiblasters head.
and is also armed with 2 shuriken catapults 1 shuriken cannon


Latest 3d Models

New Victoria – Sci-Fi City Kitbash Set consisting of, 12 Skyscraper buildings, 1 extra Modular skyscraper, 10 Small background buildings. All buildings are low-poly. All buildings have 1 baked texture and from 1 up to a maximum of 4 holographic shader materials. Created in Blender 3d.




Client’s Comments after receiving the Figure – Mikage – “You are a modern day Michaelangelo with the brush. I am just amazed by how clean your paint lines are and how realistic Mikage’s face is. She is absolutely beautiful! Once again you have outdone yourself.
Thank you very much.”

Mark Watson


Client’s Comments after receiving the t-shirt – Mazda RX7

This t-shirt is a great way to show your passion for this amazing piece of engineering and mythical sports car. I would highly recommend this t-shirt to anyone who loves rotary engines and the Mazda RX7, 92 model in particular.

Sven T.


Client comments – Sci-fi City Buildings Low Poly Kitbash Set Neo Victoria. I’m very happy with this kitbash set. It has everything I need to create a stunning sci-fi city in 3D. The models are high quality and easy to use. The download was fast and hassle-free. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves sci-fi art.

Brenda Martin



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