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Client’s Comments – Low Poly animated Lava Golem.  I’m very happy with this 3d model! It’s exactly what I was looking for and it looks amazing in my project. The download was fast and easy, and the quality is superb. I highly recommend this model to anyone who needs a realistic and detailed 3d object.

Lars Taylor


Client’s Comments – Dragon Ball King Kai Planet animation low poly baked texture . Simple but very acccurate and lovely model. It’s very accurate and well-made, that fits perfectly with my scene. The download process was smooth and hassle-free, and the price was very reasonable. This model is worth every penny!

Andrea Fortunato


Comments on 3D Downloadable Models.

Client comments – Sci-fi City Buildings Low Poly Kitbash Set Neo Victoria. I’m very happy with this kitbash set. It has everything I need to create a stunning sci-fi city in 3D. The models are high quality and easy to use. The download was fast and hassle-free. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves sci-fi art.

Brenda Martin


Our 3d downlodable models, are all of good quality, with low ploy counts and single texturtes where memory is needed, but all come at very affordable prices.

In this category we offer a small but constantly growing collection of 3d downloadable models for various creative needs.

We offer a wide range of models, from futuristic sci-fi building kitbash sets to beautiful renderings and animation packages.  All models are directly downloadable from the site as soon as you buy.

Designed mainly in Blender 3d rendering software, all designs come in multiple file formats that can be imported in different software packages like Maya. Should you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form below.

Should you need something more, a customization to an existing model or maybe a model designed exclusively for you.  Do not hesitate and contact ronin074 by filling in the contact form found at the bottom of homepage. Commission details can be found here.

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