MISSION STATEMENT - Elevate Your RPG Experience with Custom Miniatures and Unique Print-On-Demand Items.

Discover the seamless blend of art and functionality with our expertly designed and painted miniatures, alongside our high-quality, affordable print-on-demand services.

The Collector's Dilemma

Crafting Worlds, Piece by Piece

Mission Statement

Many RPG gamers and miniature collectors face significant hurdles in enhancing their collections with high-quality, visually appealing miniatures. The primary challenges include a lack of skills in 3D design and 3D printing, as well as the high costs associated with professionally painted miniatures. These obstacles often lead to uninspiring game sessions with bland, unpainted figures that fail to capture the rich details of their imaginative worlds.


The Unpainted Reality

Imagine the disappointment of gathering around a game table only to find the central pieces of your RPG setup – the miniatures and terrain pieces – are dull and lifeless. This common scenario among collectors highlights the need for accessible, high-quality miniature painting and design services.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Unique Services - help you get rid of your Pile of Shame.

Mission Statement

Pro-Painted Minitures

We specialize in state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to bring our designs to life with precision and high-quality materials.

Then our 35 year experienced painter ronin074, adds vibrant colors and exquisite details to the miniatures, making each piece a masterpiece you always wanted for your collection.

Commissions Open

Our Commission Services will help you bring the miniature or model of you dream to the reality of a centerpiece for your collection

We ensure a custom solution for each client at a reasonable price.

Commissions include: Miniature painting, video creations, 3D designs and t-shirt designs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our services are the single most cost effective way you can totally avoid the hassle of having to either 3d print or paint miniatures for your collection.

This allows you to enjoy most of your time playing RPGs with great looking miniature that will further immerse you and your friend in the magical or sci-fi atmospheres you work so hard to create .  All this while showing off to all your exceptional miniature, model or terrain piece collection.

What Our Clients Say - Pro-Painted Miniatures / Commissions

Mission Statement

Client’s Comments after receiving the Figure – Mikage – “You are a modern day Michaelangelo with the brush. I am just amazed by how clean your paint lines are and how realistic Mikage’s face is. She is absolutely beautiful! Once again you have outdone yourself.
Thank you very much.”

Mark Watson


Client’s Comments After seeing figure. – Ruri Hoshino Miko. – “I checked with my eyes and was very pleased to say the least with the overall results. Everything turned out the way I had envisioned, or better. I think the top white half came out perfect, better than what even I’d envisioned. The red looks equally stunning. The shading and deeper color saturation looks really good. The base though turned out better than I could have imagined. The pond with the Koi, and the sakura petals were a masterful stroke.”

John Thorthon


Well, I finally got my long awaited commission.  “I must say Misako looks absolutely stunning. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for a professional paint job, he was very friendly, specific and professional throughout the entire progress with emails on a weekly basis along with detailed in-process photos. I am very pleased with the outcome and my decision to have Joe to work on this beautiful kit. Please checkout his official portfolio for more of his works and once again I highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants a one of a kind masterpiece.” 

Paul Wisdom


‘I was skeptical about the cost-effectiveness, in miniature painting, undecidedbut truly, the quality you get for the price is unmatched. Ronin truly proposed a custom solution tailored for my needs. Highly recommend!’

Sophie B.

‘Ordering was hassle-free, and the final products were stunning. It’s elevated our game nights to a whole new level.’

Liam S.

Mission Statement

Today's Print-on-Demand Challenges

Navigating the Print-on-Demand Maze

Mission Statement

With countless items available, many print-on-demand buyers find themselves overwhelmed by messy designs and subpar quality.

Poor printing techniques and low-quality materials often lead to products that fail to meet expectations, leaving buyers dissatisfied.

High prices further deter enthusiasts from exploring more unique and artistic options, making it hard to find items that truly stand out.

Common Pitfalls in Print-on-Demand

The Challenge of Finding Quality

Explore the visual journey of print-on-demand buyers who often encounter items that fail to meet their expectations in design, quality, and pricing. These images depict the common dissatisfaction prevalent in the market, emphasizing the need for a superior solution.

At dressart3d.com we strive to dress you up in a unique and simple artistic style, for you collectors which take pride to show your individual artistic style, not only with what you wear but also what accessories or home décor you show.

Why Choose Our Print-on-Demand?

Mission Statement

Artistic Integrity

Each design is crafted with a unique, simple artistic style that stands out, reflecting your personal taste.

Exceptional Quality

We guarantee high-quality printing and materials, ensuring that every product you purchase is made to last.

Affordable Excellence

Get the best of both worlds with our competitively priced products and fast, cheap postage, that don’t compromise on quality or style.

What Our Clients Say - Print-on-Demand

Mission Statement

Client’s Comments after receiving the 1m x 90cm Canvas print – Saab JAS-39 Gripen – It’s huge 1m by 90cm my god! I love it! Such a wonderful design love the fact of seeing the Gripen firing a missile. Even the pilot can be clearly seen. Your interpretation of the Swedish emblem is fantastic. Great posting times this monster was in my hands in just one week.

Mark 72


Client’s Comments after receiving Mazda RX7 T-shirt. – “This t-shirt is a great way to show your passion for this amazing piece of engineering and mythical sports car. I would highly recommend this t-shirt to anyone who loves rotary engines and the Mazda RX7, 92 model in particular.”

Sven T


Client’s Comments After receivingSave the Sea turtles Pullover Hoodie. – “I always wanted a way to daily express my interest in saving our environment from plastics, Especially the oceans. What better way to do so with this simple but effective design on sea turtles with this daily hoodie. 7 days after order and I could already wear it.”

Matt B.


I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless ordering process and the quick and affordable delivery of my package.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

As an avid collector, I was eager to try DressArt3D’s print-on-demand aluminum prints. The print & material quality exceeded my expectations, resulting in a stunning piece of artwork. DressArt3D get ready for more orders.


Explore Our Exclusive Collections

Step into the world of unique artistic styles and high-quality offerings. Visit dressart3d.com to shop our exclusive range of painted miniatures, print-on-demand products, and 3D models.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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