Deathwatch Kill Team – 5 Space Marine-ONE FREE-Warhammer 40k

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Uniquely Pro painted Deathwatch 5 miniature squad:
Custom Poses,
Custom base for individual miniature,
Team comes compatible with any Imperial Army.

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Pro painted,  unique Deathwatch Kill team squad.  This is a one time uniquely Pro painted 5 miniature squad which includes:
Custom Poses,
Custom base for each individual miniature,
This team comes totally compatible with any Imperial Army.
This Deathwatch kill team 5 Marine squad is the perfect and a powerful  addition for your gaming with any Imperial army or they can be used in kill teams game. The squad is composed of 5 Pro0painted Space Marines and at less than 50 dollars (plus one free) each, these are at a bargain price. The miniatures were prepared, primed, painted (by hand brush) by me ronin074, figure modeler and painter with more than 30 years of experience,  The miniatures come already assembled, pinned and clear coated ready for every kind of handling during your gaming.
I sincerely hope that this model arrive in the hands of a true Deathwatch Master. They have served me well in many missions and I hope they keep on going killing Xenos. Money raised from this sale will help me buy more needed equipment for my hobby shop so that I can keep on creating and bringing you more dragons. Thanks.
The team consists of a Leader with a combi melta/bolter weapon and Necron power sword.  2 heavy weapons specialists one heavy bolter and the other with a combi flamer heavy bolter.  2 tatical marines with power sword and bloter and bloter.

- Artist: ronin074
- 30 hrs of paint work in total to complete.
- Number of parts: 10 to 15 parts each miniature

- The figure stands around 5 to 7cm tall.
- Clear Coated and pinned for maximum paint protection during gaming.

Commission are open if you need any kind of miniature or figure painted, click the link Painting, video and design commissions are now open. ( Commissions  


1 review for Deathwatch Kill Team – 5 Space Marine-ONE FREE-Warhammer 40k

  1. matco-150

    Smooth Transaction, great painted miniatures. 🙂

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