Grick 001, 1 Hand Painted, 3d, 8k Resin Printed Miniature


This 1 unique, 3D 8K resin printed, Grick miniature is designed, produced and  hand painted with exquisite detail and realism all here at The model is 7cm in height.  The models come clear coated ready to endure all you table top gaming.

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Are you a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and looking for a unique addition to your collection?

Then you will love our exclusive Grick miniatures, a fearsome creature that lurks in the dark and attacks with its tentacles and beak. This miniature is totally designed, produced by 8k resin 3D printing and hand painted in-house here at and cannot be found nowhere else. This Grick is a stunning piece of art that will impress your friends and foes alike. Order yours today and get ready for an epic adventure with the Grick!

Kindly note. that all these miniatures are all, inhouse made one by one there might be some slight difference from one to another caused during the fabrication and painting process.


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