Slave Misako (ADULT CONTENT 18+)

Japanese Garage Kits

by Ronin074

Only in this gallery, the Images below are clearly on ADULT Nature so if you are offended or underaged,


I myself am totally against any kind of abuse or slavery but the challenge posed by this commission was so great that I could not refuse.

 One of the longest and hardest commissions I had for a new American client. Although I am not a fan of any kind of bondage or slavery I accepted to do a commission for 3 main reasons. The first was a challenge of painting a realistic facial expression showing the emotions Misako is feeling which in my opinion is a combination of fear, pain, and shame. The second was the great challenge the Kimon flower design placed. I wanted to paint it and not be done by the use of decals as the original did. The third and final reason was the challenge to reproduce the bruises that she rope would produce on the skin. Another minor interest was to reproduce a bit of Medieval Japan. If you see well Misako can be easily placed in the time period. As you can see there can be many more reasons why I paint, not only big attributes. 

Series: Masaki Mizuhara


Miniature No. of Parts: 16

Produced by: Q-six

Finished: 03/10/2004

Well, I finally got my long awaited commission today and I must say Misako looks absolutely stunning. I highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for a professional paint job, he was very friendly, specific and professional throughout the entire progress with emails on a weekly basis along with detailed in-process photos. I am very pleased with the outcome and my decision to have Joe to work on this beautiful kit. Please checkout his official site below for more of his works and once again I highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants a one of a kind masterpiece. 

ABOUT – 35+ years of experience as a miniature model painter and designer, experiences in arts such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, traditionally and Computer Generated media. I am available for COMMISSION. I love Creation and its process. I am not interested in following trends for sales. I work on what inspires me and what I can achieve. If my inspirations sell, I am happier because I know they are appreciated. If you wish to follow my artistic journey, I am more than happy to have you along.

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