Ayaka Konno

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by Ronin074

 I am a great fan of Hiroki Yagami‘s G-Taste series. I consider him one of the best artists when it come to drawing Manga Female characters. I searched a lot around and when I found this figure of Ayaka Konno in her bunny costume as seen on the latest G-Taste artbook(G-Taste 5). I had to have her in my collection together with her partner Mayu Hoshino. Even if the figures are not perfect from a sculpting point of view. Having the hips a bit to wide even if it is normal for Yagami’s works and the frontal hair strand a bit too outwards in respect of the forehead.

Series: G-Taste


Miniature No. of Parts: 12

Produced by: 

Finished: 01/04/2003

ABOUT – 35+ years of experience as a miniature model painter and designer, experiences in arts such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, traditionally and Computer Generated media. I am available for COMMISSION. I love Creation and its process. I am not interested in following trends for sales. I work on what inspires me and what I can achieve. If my inspirations sell, I am happier because I know they are appreciated. If you wish to follow my artistic journey, I am more than happy to have you along.

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