Miss Nobody

Japanese Garage Kits

by Ronin074

A painting nightmare which turned into a dream.  Read the whole story if you have time. sealed

 Miss Nobody is rightly called so because before I first saw this figure for the first time, I did not even know that she existed.  None the less as soon as I saw her she sparked my interest and what a spark it was.  In my opinion, after regarding the pose and the general sculpt I think this Ms Nobody is one of the best sculpts ever made.  It was so that I could not let her go without have one to paint for myself.


At first look the figure look quite complicated to build and even more paint.  Well I can assure you then it is, even more than I expected.  Overall the process took around 300 hundred to complete to the result you see in these photos.

Series: Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli) Warning Adult Content

Scale: 1/6

Miniature No. of Parts: 45

Produced by: 

Finished: 20/06/2015

Cleaning:  Cleaning this kit was quite an endeavour, not because the kit was badly casted but because of the shear number of parts and even more the complicated design they were made of.  The hip decoration in particular, were really a nightmare to clean without damaging the decorations.  Her huge cape was also very hard to clean.  I remember have to work only and hour and rest a day on it before I start again, a process which took a week.  The rest of the 45 parts were quite a load to have to clean too.

 Pre Assembly:  To keep all the parts options open like the hat on and off and the breast covers on and off few parts were preassembled before the painting started.  Only minor parts were like the chains and hair strings were assembled. However a lot of test fitting had to be performed to make all the 45 parts fit and especially to make the cape removable so as to keep the breast’s covers on and off option. 

 Painting:  I knew from that start that painting would not be an easy process.  I first started from the base up.  I worked hard on the larger pieces and then concluded with the smaller parts and the fine details.  It was so that I started with the rocky base and the coffin.  The rock base was airbrushed once with a desert yellow base coat.   It was shaded with a brush at least with 5 different tones to give it that pale red desert look.  After another 5 different highlights brought it to the result you see.  The coffin was given a base coat of wood brown (Not black) this because I wanted the bleach leather legs of Ms Nobody to stand out.  If the coffin would have been painted black such sexy legs would have blended with the black of the coffin. 

 When the base was ready I started with the flash tone.  Around 6 layers of paint and you can see the final result.  After I started with the leather suit which consists of a base of very light brown which was then shaded with a layer of light red and then many layers of a soft black. 

 Then the real painting nightmare began, he HIP DECORATIONS.  I first painted in flash the inner transparent parts which were after given a red shade and varnish to simulate transparent plastic.  After all that work I have to once again painstakingly go around painting every decoration with a fine brush in black colour. This whole process took around a month of on and off 40 minutes painting sessions in order to give rest to my poor eyes.  All that detail made me go nearly mad. 

 Once this was done another nightmare came for me, the HUGE CAPE.  This piece is the larges piece of the kit and one of the largest Pisces I ever saw on any kit.  This not enough I it had to be painted in two different and very contrasting colours, one on each side and it had many holes  and it was all tattered around it’s edges.  For all this I had to keep constantly on watch so the red does not overspill in the blue and vis versa. There was only one solution for this.  Paint first the red side till it was finished to the last detail then mask all the red side of the cape holes included, a process which alone took one week of masking work alone.  Once the masking was complete I painted the black but this was not to be the end. 

 I had still to apply the TRANSFERE DECAL (the winged Skull) to the mantle.  As all good modellers know applying such a huge decal to such a surface of the Mantle all full of curves is not an easy task at all.  I pass ages getting the decal in the right position without damaging such a fine decal.  Once in its place I had to press it dry but still it did not fit smoothly to the surface.  For this reason once it was dry I had to remove the imperfection with a blade sand the spot smooth and repaint the surface exactly in the shade it was before.  Believe me I lost count of the hours I worked on this.

 Once this ordeal was over I had one other huge piece to work on, the Hair.  Painting such a flowing large piece of hair in one go in 5 different shade is never an easy task but after the mantel I actually had fun doing it. 

 Once the hair was ready too I have an enjoyable time painting the rest of the part to the fine detail you I hope you can see from the photos and was ready for the final assembly.

 Assembly: Assembling such a delicate kit with so many parts is never an easy task, add to the fact that I was dying to see my work finally all completed and I passed an entire 5 days working non stop to see here finished.  The hardest part to assemble was the two legs and hips with the coffin and make the connection tough enough to withstand the rest of the heavy kit.  It took me some time but I got is good thanks to a lot of prior test fitting.  I then proceeded to assemble all the kit.  One particular difference I wanted was for such a huge machinegun which came with the kit to be seen.  It would have been a real pity for it to be buried in the coffin.  It was so that you can see it mounted at Ms Nobody’s feet with spent bullets all around.  I imagined her having fired a lot from it making the machinegun jam, discarding it and keep on firing with her hand gun.

 Specials:  Well it is hard to imagine something more for a kit which give you everything to see.  It was so that I decided not to add to the kit or I could risk to ruin it.

 I hope you have enjoyed this story.  There is still one secret about this kit but I will only reveal after the contest has ended.  I you want to know what it is make sure to check e2046 figure forum, when I will post her for you comments.  ENJOY;)

ABOUT – 35+ years of experience as a miniature model painter and designer, experiences in arts such as painting, sculpting, and drawing, traditionally and Computer Generated media. I am available for COMMISSION. I love Creation and its process. I am not interested in following trends for sales. I work on what inspires me and what I can achieve. If my inspirations sell, I am happier because I know they are appreciated. If you wish to follow my artistic journey, I am more than happy to have you along.

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