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Adeputs Custodes Vertus Praetors

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Series: Warhammer 40k.

Special Feature : Unique Blood Letter Kill base

Miniature No. of Parts: 15

Produced by: Games Workshop

Finished: 05/05/2024

35+ Years of miniature, Figure and Model painting in Our Galleries Collection

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These Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetors mark a thrilling new chapter in my painting journey. Envisioning them for so long, I finally took on the challenge, pushing the boundaries of my gold painting skills. The result? A triumph I am immensely proud of.

Series: Warhammer 40k.


Miniature No. of Parts: 15

Produced by: Games Workshop

Finished: 20/03/2024

To make these Adeptus Custodes: Vertus Praetors stand out from the crowd and be unique I personally 3d designed 3d printed and Painted a special unique Blood Letter kill base for each one of the models.  You will find ni other models with these bases becasue they are exclusive to dressart3d.com

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Portfolio - Syrax house of dragon -painted by ronin074 at dressart3d.com

Each miniature is meticulously painted by hand or airbrush, ensuring a unique and high-quality finish. Clear coated and ready for gaming.

Starting form €40.00

Planetar miniature designed, 3d printed and painted by ronin074 @ dressart3d.com

High-detail 3D printed models Unique to DressArt3D.com, ready for painting or display.

Starting from €25.00

Portfolio - t-shirt by ronin074 @ dressart3d.com

Order custom designs printed on a variety of products including: Classic t-shirts, Organic t-shirts, Hoodies, Canvas & Aluminum Prints, Ceramic & Travel Mugs, Flexi and Tough Moblie Cases.

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Portfolio - 3D model - Cyclone MK1 Missile Pack Animated.

Need a particular 3d model for you 3d porject.  Check our selection or make a request.

Starting from €5.00

Portfolio - Roboute gullimian Primarch designed, 3d printed and painted by ronin074 @ dressart3d.com

Commissions are open on the following, Miniature/Figure Painting or Restorations, Short Video production, T-shirt Exclusive Design and 3d Modeling.

Starting from €5.00

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I love creating so much that I work on it daily. To fund my projects, I created this website and you can support me on my Ko-fi page. Monthly supporters get some great perks too.

Starting from €2.00


First Marines RBT01 - 1987

35+ Years of Experience and I have the Marines and Dragons to Proof it.

Iskandar Star Seeker - 2023

Imperial Dragon Mordax - 1985

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